Wedding party supplies

What are wedding parties supplies that you need to prepare for your wedding party? In the modern people, there are more young people that consider creating and planning their own wedding party, without help from wedding organizer, especially when the reception of the wedding is simply, and just invite the closest friends and relatives also from It is a strategy for a cut cost for their wedding party. But it can be overwhelming and stressed as you need to choose party supplies from tons of option. Here is a brief guide to help you determine which the best is for you.

Wedding party supplies
Wedding party supplies

For the tables

This is all that you need to place in tables.

  •    Table runner. Choose lace of fabric-like plastic non-woven material can cost more than $10. The alternative option for table runner you can choose satin or organza that cost start from $2-3.
  •    Table scatter. Choose the one that suits your party theme. There are many designs available such as rose petals, gold stars, and many more.
  •    Party tassel horns.
  •    Napkins.
  •    Centerpiece. Pick the one that suits with your theme, the flower centerpiece, decorative black birdcage centerpiece, twig candle centerpiece and many more.


There are no parties without decorations included.

  •    Balloon. Of course, this is a must for you that should consider. You can choose the ordinary balloon and then arrange it as décor or you can buy the one that has words and shaped. There is a deco bubble balloon and shaped “love” balloon that you can buy. You also can choose the balloon with tassel.
  •     Garland.
  •    Confetti
  •    Wedding photo booth. Make an unforgettable moment in your wedding that allows your guest to take a photo with the booth.
  •    Chair backers

Wedding favor bags

There are many options for your wedding favor bags that you can choose. You may interest to have one with the printed name in favor bags or the one that has unique designs. For your favor bags, include gift tags that tell you’re thanks to the guest because they have come to your party.

Wedding party supplies
Wedding party supplies

You might consider gold as the most elegant and stylish party porcelain for your wedding party supplies. However, there are wide ranges of party porcelain supplies that you can choose.

The dress bride, the groom tuxedo, the venue, and even the bouquet all will meticulously choose to represent the personal preferences and deliver a certain theme for your party. Complete the theme with the suitable party supplies to make the wedding reception as a perfect complement for your unforgettable wedding moment.