Wedding Invitation Etiquette Mistakes

When you create and send the wedding invitations, there are a lot of things that need to stick before it mailed. Here are the common mistakes in the wedding invitation and should avoided with the solution from the expert at

• Mistakes 1. Put incorrect start time in the wedding invitation.
Solution: make sure your guest did not come too late just because you put the incorrect time in your wedding invitation. If there is one thing that the guest needs to know, to show up earlier into the wedding ceremony then informed them.

For example, if the ceremony starts in 5 pm, then expect the guest to arrive at 4:30 or 4:45 and then head to aisle no more than 5:15. If you tell the guest that the wedding ceremony starts in 4:45, then they will arrive close in 4:00 and they need to wait an hour to see the entrance from the couple.

Wedding invitation etiquette mistakes
Wedding invitation etiquette mistakes

• Mistakes 2. Not include all the information that required.
Solution: a wedding invitation that well-informed to the guest will make them happy. Tell them everything that they need to know about your wedding invitation, include the specific date, time and also the location from the wedding ceremony.

• Mistakes 3. Send the wedding invitation too late.
Solution: count back to the 8 weeks before your wedding date (for a destination wedding, it should take longer). The 8 weeks is the latest time you should mail the invitations to allowing your guest to have enough time to make RSVP and also make other travel plans. For a destination wedding, count back into 12 weeks before your wedding date so your guest feel does not rush and can shop around to get the best price to travel to your wedding.

• Mistakes 4. Not provide the RSVP instruction.
Solution: The RSVP cards can let you know whether your guest will attend your wedding or not. The RSVP date should be at least 2 weeks before the wedding so you able to give the accurate headcount to our caterer. Include the pre-addressed envelope that guest can easier to send their reply. With this RSVP respond, you also can count for how much the gift thank that you should list in your wedding party supplies list.

Wedding invitation etiquette mistakes
Wedding invitation etiquette mistakes

• Mistakes 5. Do not include the stamp in the RSVP envelope.
Solution: if you ask your guest to respond and mail back the RSVP cards, then ensure the envelope is pre-addressed and also stamped.
• Mistakes 6. Not clarifying to who is invited.
Solution: this is all about the names in the envelope. If you wish to invite the couple without their children, then put “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” not “The Smith Family”
Make your wedding reception success and unforgettable moment with the best friend and colleague is the best part in creating an impressed party. Avoid the mistakes beyond and get the best big day ever in your life.