The affordable wedding invitations guide

How much you spend on Wedding Invitations and how to get affordable wedding invitations but still look stylish and elegant?
• Matte or shiny paper? The shiny or metallic paper cost you more. For example, the 25 wedding paper with the matte paper cost $8.99 and for shiny metallic cost start $16.99
• 100% cotton paper is luxury and elegant, but it is the most paper. Choose the linen stock paper with a woven and textured surface for your best alternative wedding invitations paper.

The affordable wedding invitations
The affordable wedding invitations

Printed matters
• The technique on print can affect the cost of your wedding invitations ordered. The engraved and letterpress technique results in impression wedding invitations in different two distinct ways. The engraved result raised letters, and the letterpress pressed down to paper. Thermography technique results in the raised print seen with engraving look by using special inks and heat.
• The offset or flat printing can cut cost into half price from the thermography method wedding invitations. The digital offset printing result crisp and colorful result which is not requires creating plate and making the production easier.

The affordable wedding invitations
The affordable wedding invitations

Design details
• Any layers, papers, pocket and any other extra details added to wedding invitations will impact on overall cost of wedding invitations.
• Stick to use 2 font styles for the effect.
• Use the standard ink colors
• Stick to use single sided invitations
• RSVP postcard will cost less than the traditional response invitations with envelope.
• Minimize as you can to the size of wedding invitations

The endless trends of wedding invitations

With so many things need to consider when you choose your wedding invitations, there are endless wedding invitations trends that you can consider for your wedding invitations creation.

• Blues. Blues is a design that takes something “blue” into a new level with the vivid, vibrant and state color of navy. For a couple who wants to stand out with their wedding invitations, the chicest trends with blue are using a geometric pattern such as dots, chevron or stripes with the strong color pop.

The affordable wedding invitations
The affordable wedding invitations

To create a romantic look, then the elegance of vintage deco trend with the organic curves ornamentation can be other option.

• Fusion. This is wedding invitations that integrate the digital and print wedding invitations.
• Pastel. Pastel colors such as mint light green are calm and elegant. The pastel color also goes softened that make it perfect for you who love simplicity.
• Neon. This is wedding invitations that establish luxury and to trends. The wedding invitations include the hand-drawn graphics, spot calligraphy, gold foil, hand painting, and also embellishment, include lace ornaments.