Party Stationery List of Must Have Items

It’s the new year already, have you had your new year party yet?  Or, are you planning on organizing your own party for someone’s birthday soon?   Since you probably don’t know where to start, you can start gathering items for a party stationery.

No matter what your party occasion is, you need to know the must have items in a party stationery to at least have it at home.  So, whenever your next party is, you will be ready to rock and roll on decorations.  Whether you’re purchasing them online or buy the items at a local stationery store, start your hunt soon!

Party Stationery List
Party Stationery List

The list includes:

  • Invitation cards— a stock of cards, colorful ones and different themed card invitations.
  • Goodie boxes or bags— this one is a must have especially at a kids party. Goodie bags are also an adult thing, where guests can bring home some deserts or leftovers after a party.
  • Paper plates— themed ones or plain ones. When you’re an artistic person, you can transform your plain paper plates into creative designs.
  • A stock of name tags or badges— you can find a printable name tag template online or purchase them online in many shapes. Or, you can DIY your own name tags for all guests.
  • Balloons— yes, you absolutely need balloons for so many celebrations. Balloons are not only a kids’ thing, but it’s for everyone.  Balloons can be in different colors and shapes too.
  • Papers and fabrics— these can be useful for paper buntings. All you can do is shape the papers and fabrics and hang them with a piece of string.
  • Paper cups— these are also a fun party stationery to decorate as well. They also come in different sizes and designs to choose from depending on your needs.
  • Party hats— kids would totally love these to put on during their birthday party. You can find them with a name spot on the paper hats.  Now, everyone will know each other’s names.
Party hats
Party hats
  • Other small items— ribbons, strings, glue, sticks, etc.

The above list of items are just to name a few.  You obviously have other party stationery items in mind.  So, don’t forget to put them on your list to buy.

If you’re having a party for your loved ones, make sure to include them in the process.  Your party planning will go a lot smoother that way.  Have fun shopping and decorating!